Feb 02, 18

Trump's tan reducing skin cancer

To celebrate World Cancer Day. GP on demand service GPDQ investigated the correlation between sunbed…

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Nov 15, 17

GPDQ Launches 'Six Weeks Support' Campaign

Self-employed new mums call for maternity pay equality as over half struggle with mental health issu…

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Jan 06, 16

London's Biggest Fashion Faux Pas - Being Late

Arriving fashionably late is no longer en vogue, according to a survey undertaken by licensed minica…

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Dec 02, 15

Book a cab in three taps with Kabbee’s new iOS app

Kabbee, the multi-award-winning minicab price comparison and booking app, has launched a brand new v…

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Nov 16, 15

Kabbee is one of Britain’s fastest-growing start-ups

Kabbee, the multi-award-winning minicab price comparison and booking app, was announced yesterday as…

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Nov 11, 15

Kabbee Launches £1m Crowdfunding Campaign

Kabbee, the multi-award-winning minicab price comparison and booking app, has today launched a crowd…

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Nov 04, 15

Sutton’s first Apprenticeship Hub launches to match local talent with local businesses

An interactive website designed specifically to match local young talent with businesses in the Lond…

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Sep 23, 15

Minicab fleets request TfL’s support to go green by 2018

Yesterday, London’s award-winning licensed minicab app Kabbee, submitted an industry white paper to …

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Sep 15, 15

Calling all GPs…… New app ‘GPDQ’ aims to deliver doctors to doors within 60 minutes

From today, GPs across the UK can register their interest to join a new mobile app, GPDQ (GP Deliver…

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Sep 08, 15

Calling all volunteers across London! A new library-based puzzle club needs your support to help combat loneliness

The independent, family-owned British games and puzzles company since 1919, Gibsons, is teaming up w…

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Aug 26, 15

Airport passengers are being cheated out of £2.5billion by retailers

After last week’s duty free revelation, a study undertaken by Kabbee, the award-winning licensed min…

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Aug 04, 15

It’s a dog’s life - Thousands of dogs across Europe get their own ‘holiday’ this summer

DogBuddy, Europe’s leading community for quality and affordable dog care services, has today reveale…

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Jul 15, 15

Milking it more than ever - UK tooth fairy leaves almost £20 million under kids’ pillows

Each year the UK tooth fairy leaves almost 20 million pounds under the pillows of sleeping children,…

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Jun 16, 15

Gibsons helps creative entrepreneurs to build success

Gibsons, the independent, family-owned British games and puzzles company, has been supporting local …

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Jun 11, 15

Apple Pay coming for Kabbee’s users next month

London’s award-wining minicab booking and comparison app Kabbee, will offer its users the ability to…

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May 29, 15


Recently Sense supported giffgaff’s member-led advertising campaign with a guerrilla PR stunt at Cha…

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May 19, 15

Bringing Whisky to the World….

This week, the IWSC Group, global leader in bringing beer, wine and spirit producers together with t…

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Apr 28, 15

Queen of the High Street

To demonstrate the broad range of fun and games that we get up to under the BPro™ umbrella, we’re ex…

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Apr 03, 15

Are we nearly there yet? Brits aren’t off on their holidays until they get to the airport

Filling in a holiday request form at work, or packing our suitcase no longer gives us Brits that ‘ho…

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Mar 30, 15

Knock Knock. Who’s There? Fairy. Fairy Who? Fairy Nice to Meet you

The Magic Door Store has been providing the fairies and elves with their very own magical entrance..…

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