Aug 03, 20

Remind Us

As the representatives of myGP, the UK's leading independent health management app, Sense created an…

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Dec 10, 19

Utilita Energy High Five Launch

Sense created a national energy awareness campaign called 'Energy High 5', to help households save …

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Dec 20, 18

Festive dangers around the home

Sense helped GPDQ get front of mind during the Christmas holidays with a guide to all the festive-re…

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Oct 16, 18

Debut's Dress to Impress Campaign

After revealing that the average interview costs for candidates, Sense suggested to Debut that a cha…

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Aug 31, 18

Loco2 - The Great Train Comparison Report

Sense created the world's first European train travel report, comparing rolling stock and their serv…

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Nov 15, 17

GPDQ Launches 'Six Weeks Support' Campaign

Self-employed new mums call for maternity pay equality as over half struggle with mental health issu…

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May 29, 15


Recently Sense supported giffgaff’s member-led advertising campaign with a guerrilla PR stunt at Cha…

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Apr 28, 15

Queen of the High Street

To demonstrate the broad range of fun and games that we get up to under the BPro™ umbrella, we’re ex…

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Mar 19, 15

Beer for Beards

Sourced Market were looking to raise awareness of their pop-up Retox vs Detox store, in Old Street, …

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Jan 31, 15 Annual Childcare Report 2015

This January marked the third Annual Childcare Report which played an important …

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Oct 22, 14

Gibsons - Apple a day

Ever heard of National Apple Day? No, neither had we until a week before, but it’s amazing what camp…

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Aug 04, 14

Travel Republic Launches Out of Office Campaign

Two in every five couples row over checking emails when on holiday, Travel Republic…

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Jul 08, 14

Dubble Goes Live on the Volpit Platform

It's exciting when new businesses launch a funding round on the Volpit platform, so we like to make …

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Jun 23, 14

Kabbee Reveals London's Worst Bus Routes

To promote Kabbee's prank video, Sense created a campaign to reveal the worst of London's bus routes…

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Jun 16, 14

Kabbee Releases Prankvert

London's public transport system is one of the best in the world, but the antics we've come to expec…

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