Budgens' Scouts for Sprouts

What is the most topical part of a Christmas dinner? Sprouts.  Love them or hate them, they're a festive staple.  That's why we invited regional Scouts groups to come up with their own sprouts inspired recipes to cook, with all ingredients courtesy of their local independent Budgens store.

The campaign was received extremely well by a range of Scouts groups up and down the country. Recipes came in thick and fast, including sweet and savory variations of Brussel-Sprout inspired dishes.

Each Scout Group spent an entire session researching the recipes and writing shopping lists.  The next session was spent following a recipe and cooking the dishes, to compete for £100 voucher to spend with Budgens.

Scout members' families came along for the grand finale, when each dish was tasted by a table of judges.  Local media outlets sent journalists and photographer down to catch the action too.

The campaign was a great, green success, and one that the next generation of Budgens' savvy shoppers will remember for a lifetime. 

Scouts all for Sprouts

Sense has a way of pushing people outside their comfort zones, always with an innate confidence that it will be a success. Who would have thought we could make Brussels fun for kids? A great campaign, that was enjoyed by everyone involved.

Felicity Callaghan

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