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Costa Coffee in Cheam is Giving Local Business Owners a Warm Welcome

Costa Coffee in Cheam has opened its doors to a ‘business meeting marathon’ over the last month, as more than 200 business meetings were held in the coffee shop.

To show support for its local business networking organisation ‘BNI’, Costa Coffee welcomed members from Sutton, Epsom and Kingswood BNI groups, amounting to 84 successful business owners, who are refusing to participate in the recession.

Supporting the business meeting marathon was Salvatore Notturno, the coffee shop’s Operations Manager and his fantastic and friendly team who served coffee and lunch to BNI members, some having back-to-back meetings, spending their entire day doing business and drinking coffee.

Each week, members of each BNI group meet for 1-2-1 meetings to discuss potential business opportunities, however as many of the businesses are small, they tend to work from home, or share office space, so a dedicated destination was real treat.

Salvatore Notturno, Operations Manager at Costa Cheam commented on the collaboration: “The South East is brimming with fantastic business owners, and over the past month, our coffee shop has been too!

“We see a lot of business meetings taking place here, but as soon as we invited BNI members in, we saw how business is really done – relentless networking is obviously the route to success.”

Tim Kidd, General Manager of BNI South East commented on the activity: “BNI members understand the meaning of Givers Gain, and it seems that Salvatore gets that too.

“Across the South East we have 1420 members across 66 groups, who all come together for a weekly meeting to pass new business opportunities.  In between the weekly meetings, 1-2-1 business meetings are crucial to get the most out of their membership.  Our members say that 28p in every £1 they make is through their involvement with BNI.”

How local businesses can get involved

The Sutton chapter meet every Thursday at 6.30am at Oaks Park Golf Club to share business contacts and referrals amongst each other.  In the last 12 months, the group of local business owners has recorded over £654,000 worth of business from member to member.

I full expect Sense's skills to become of global influence

Lisa and the team at Sense have had an enormous impact on BNI UK since we started a collaboration in July 2012. The results of positive PR are massive. Lisa has the mindset to capture the essence of events which get overlooked by people close to them. Sense is proving a very able asset, and I fully expect their skills to become of global influence.

Robert French, Executive Director BNI South East & Malaysia
Business Networking International

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