CloudTalent's Blue Bods

CloudTalent is recruiting...of course the last thing we advised them to do was take out a traditional advertisement on a job board!

When CloudTalent told Sense about the company's plans to recruit up to 1,000 new IT consultants, we were rubbing our hands together with creative excitement.

Your Medium is Your Message....and CloudTalent wanted to attract the cream of the IT crowd crop, so a boring print advert wasn't going to work.  Instead, we marched 20 Blue Bods, everyday business men and women each with a painted blue face, to get the attention of weary commuters, as they consider their careers on a grey, cold Monday morning.

The Blue Bods went about normal 'commuter business', getting tubes, trains, reading the business broadsheets in Canary Wharf, and if anyone asked them why they were painted blue, they silently handed over a business card, which alerted them to the fact that 'CloudTalent is recruiting' with a call to action to visit the website, where a blog explained more.

Each Blue Bod's briefcase and umbrella was subtly branded with CloudTalent's logos, and a link to the CloudTalent website.

Public affairs

To add gravitas to the stunt, Sense approached the government Office for Work and Pensions  to request a quote in response to the great news - The Minister of Employment responded to say:

“This is a great example of the growing faith in the strength of the UK economy, which is giving businesses, like those in the IT sector, the confidence to hire more staff. 

"Just last week we heard that the private sector has created jobs for an additional 1.4m people under this government. There are now more people employed in the private sector than ever before. 

“That's a real credit to British Businesses, who should be congratulated for their role in helping the UK economy turn the corner, and better compete in the Global Race.” 

Adding this to the press release gave our story that extra layer.

The media results

The campaign investment was £8,500, and the PR value delivered was £104,769,000 - that's a 1:12 return on investment.

Media reach = 8 x online, 1 x national print, 1 x national radio broadcast.

The actual results

As 'opportunities to see' and 'PR value' are just figures that the industry uses to put a price on the power of PR, we always set ourselves 'real-life key performance indicators (KPI)', to ensure we're having a positive impact on the client's business.   In this case, the outcome was an influx of people applying for IT roles, via a 41.8% increase in direct traffic to the website.  Our job was done.  We'd helped people to find employment, we'd helped CloudTalent to attract the right type of candidates, and we'd had heaps of fun in the process.  

How can they do that?

“I thought the Blue Bods exercise was really good and very effective; I have since beaten up our marketing department about why a start-up like CloudTalent could do something as good as this, but Colt were unable to.”

Jon Bennett, Vice Chairman, Colt Technology
Colt Technology

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