Recently Sense supported giffgaff’s member-led advertising campaign with a guerrilla PR stunt at Channel 5’s Big Brother eviction.

The hashtag that underpinned the entire advertising campaign is #heyyou, which invites 16-24 year olds to reflect on why they are doing mobile the way they currently are (trapped in a contract)…..the TV advert was due to air at 9.15pm on Friday 29th May 2015, so we wanted to show giffgaff how you can earn free air time targeting 16-24 year olds by being creative (and very cheeky).

We secured three free tickets to the Big Brother live audience and had two #heyyou banners created.  Three key members of the Sense team headed down to the studios, and low and behold that night, there was the hashtag bobbing up and down in the glory of free air time, all courtesy of a bit of cheeky creativity.   

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