Loco2 - The Great Train Comparison Report

Loco2 (now known as 'Rail Europe') is the UK's leading European train booking platform, which excelled in innovative technology that made European train travel as easy as booking a flight. 


Sense created and launched the world's first European train comparison report, to showcase the wonderful benefits that come with travelling Europe via rail. 

The report looked at the rolling stock, destinations, on-board services and station services of 22 train companies. 

What was really unique about the project is that the report evaluated the benefits of train travel through the eyes of different audience types, including backpackers, foodies, parents with young children, cyclists, pet owners, couples, those looking for a quiet life, winter sports fans, environmentalists, and people living with disabilities. 

The campaign generated 79 pieces of coverage across Europe, including national titles in the UK: The Guardian, The Times, The i Newspaper and the Daily Mail / MailOnline. 

Read The Great Train Comparison today. 

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