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Sense and myGP create campaign to save 7,800 lives every year

myGP is the UK's leading health management and GP booking app, with 1.7 million users, and 6,500 GP surgeries across the UK using the platform to manage their appointments and patient communications. 

Sense and myGP have this week launched a national campaign urging NHSX (the tech arm of the NHS) to introduce centralised SMS reminders across all national cancer screening programmes. The proposed solution, if implemented as standard across all GP practices in England, would save approximately 7,800 lives each year. Currently, only 34 percent of practices can ensure their patients receive a text message reminder alongside the traditional screening invite letter. 

During the launch week, the Remind Us campaign was featured across 16 media outlets including national news outlets The Times (print and online), Daily Telegraph (print) The Sun (online), Metro (print and online), national TV news channel and and regional BBC radio stations. 

Central to the campaign is a petition inviting members of the public to get behind the campaign and call for NHSX to do the right thing. The petition has already been signed by 1,044 supporters.


This information cannot be ignored

“There are now several conclusive research papers that reveal the power of sending an SMS reminder to book or attend a screening appointment. This information cannot be ignored. I, for one, have lost too many family members to cancer, to stand-by and not act upon this knowledge.

“Often the most basic technologies can be overlooked, but the research means there’s no reason for NHSX to ignore this call for change. The cost of sending SMS messages to patients is very small, compared to the thousands of pounds required to treat cancer that hasn’t been detected early enough.”

Professor Mike Lewis
Head of Life Science Innovation at the University of Birmingham

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