Superduper Foods 'SuperDish' Launch

What we feed our children has never before been so topical.  Leslie, the founder of SuperDish was fed up of her little ones spitting out bland baby food, so she decided to do something about it.

Independent Baby Food Company Launches SuperDish Range.

Food-lover, blogger, wife, and mother of two Lesley Harris, is adding ‘entrepreneur’ to her list of accomplishments as she celebrates the launch of Super Duper Foods – a company dedicated to making delicious and nutritious home-made dishes to satisfy little tummies with big taste.

After years of struggling to find nutritious and tasty baby foods that she could actually bring herself to eat, Lesley decided to take things into her own hands….or kitchen.  Her new SuperDish range consists of six different baby and toddler meals that are all hand-prepared by Lesley herself, and then quickly frozen to lock in taste, texture and nutrition. 

The SuperDish range includes meals suitable for babies aged six months up to three years old.  All dishes are made from fresh, hand-selected vegetables, herbs and fruits all chosen by Lesley, and quality meats and fish, sourced from British farms.  All ingredients are selected based on the nutrition they provide children with, packed full with vitamins and minerals that can’t be found in most ready-made baby food, but are essential to a healthy diet and are even more important to young children who need them to grow and develop.

The meals are available to buy online now.  All orders are delivered to the customer’s home in a crushed ice package ready for the freezer – all dishes last up to six months when frozen.

Lesley Harris, the founder of Super Duper Foods comments on the launch of the SuperDish range: “My children are aged one and three, so I have made thousands of home-prepared dishes over the years.  My friends who work long hours, would praise me for taking the time to do it, and before long I was being asked to make dishes for their little ones too.

“The word spread, and before I knew it I had mums outside nursery asking if they could order their dishes.  That was the market research sorted – the demand was obviously there, hence the launch of the SuperDish range.”

About the SuperDish range

All SuperDish meals have been tested for their nutritional benefits by an independent science laboratory – so everything on the label is backed up by the experts.

Dishes range in price from £2.55 (for vegetarian dishes) to £2.75 (for salmon and trout) per dish. The food is delivered by an overnight courier in special, purpose-made boxes with dry ice to ensure that the food stays frozen up to 36 hours until it reaches the parent’s freezer.




Macaroni cheese with parsley, spinach and peas

Calcium for strong teeth & bones


Five vegetable ratatouille with herby couscous

Magnesium to help muscle function


Lamb, beans and super greens with pearl barley

Iron to help brain function


Spaghetti bolognaise with tomato, beetroot and carrot

Zinc to help healthy vision 


Chicken and lentil curry with spinach and coconut rice

Thiamine to help healthy hearts


Salmon and trout pie with broccoli, dill and sweet potato

Vitamin B6 to help the immune system



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