Surrey Beds The Beducator Launch

Check out the Beducator blog today, and sleep well tonight:

Once The Beducator was created, Jerry Cheshire, the owner of Surrey Beds was able to pour out his bed knowledge into a weekly blog, on The Beducator website.  Although the site links to the Surrey Beds website, it's designed to provide unbiased advice to driver traffic to the Surrey Beds store.

I can now educate the world on a good night's sleep

Sense suggested creating an avatar of me, because I can't be in two places at the same time. Whilst I'm sharing insightful advice on sleeping well in our two stores, The Beducator can advisse the rest of the world on how to get a great night's sleep.

The feedback has been great, and my alter ego is doing a great job.

Surrey Beds The Beducator Launch
Surrey Beds

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