Surrey Beds Rebranding Project

“Good morning Surrey!” – Founder of Surrey Beds sells his 25,000th bed, and celebrates with a complete rebrand.

Going to war against insomnia, Surrey Beds celebrated their 25,000th bed sale, since opening their doors in 2001. Last night, Jerry Cheshire, Founder of Surrey Beds, announced that his stores are still standing strong after the recession, in an industry that has seen major national bed and furniture firms come and go. 

With the sale of the store’s 25,000th bed, Mr. Cheshire is guaranteeing approximately 9.1 million good night’s sleep for the local residents in Surrey each year. Surrey Beds also celebrated by launching its new branding, and a total revamp, including a new website, logo design and key concepts for the brand as a whole.

Mr. Cheshire, also known as ‘The Beducator’, shared his celebrations and the launch of his new modern branding, with local customers at his Purley store last night at 7pm. He also has a Surrey Beds Outlet store based in Sutton High Street.

A new concept was also introduced last night to loyal Surrey Beds customers – the ‘Sleep Consultation’, which customers are advised to complete before coming into one of the stores for their best sleep solution. This aims to push the fact that Surrey Beds are not just a bed shop; they are selling a great night’s sleep, based on their expertise and knowledge of how people can sleep well.

Overall, the event had a great turn out of around 50 people, who were given Surrey Beds branded slippers in exchange for their shoes upon arrival, to prepare them for the night. All attendees were treated with a glass of fizz, a range of fresh canapés and received a free VIP ‘Sleep Consultation’ vouchers to share with their family and friends.

Jerry Cheshire, Founder of Surrey Beds shares his excitement about the rebrand of his local retail outlet: “In the months running up to the launch of the new branding, we have been extremely busy. The sale of the 25,000th bed has made us realise how much effort and support we have had along the way, so I thought it would be good to share this by celebrating with the people who matter most - our fantastic customers.

“The new branding is symbolic of our new modern approach; to ensure that the residents of Surrey get the best night’s sleep possible. It was great to see everyone getting involved by wearing the slippers on the night, and the feedback I received from the occasion was very positive.”


Sense has given Surrey Beds a new lease of life

Every time I see the old logo, I wonder how I put up with it for so long. When you first start a business, cashflow is more important than the logo. Upon selling our 25,000th bed, we knew it was time for a face-lift.

Jerry Cheshire, Owner
Surrey Beds

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