Trump's tan reducing skin cancer

GP on demand service GPDQ is all about spotting trends, but this is one they didn't see coming, despite the flasing orange beacon! 

To create standout for GPDQ on World Cancer Day (4th Feb) Sense decided to investigate if President Trump's use of tanning beds was impacting usage here in the UK. It was, of course! 

A simple survey of 500 people who have previously used a solarium / tanning bed revealed that the President's orange hue was, in fact, incredibly offputting, with 73% saying they wouldn't touch a tanning bed thanks to the world leader's panda eyes and other unaesthetic side effects. 

The campaign went viral, with some impressive metrics: 

Pieces of coverage = 22 

Online readership = 1.62 billion 

Average domain authority = 66

Social shares = 165

Estimated coverage views = 2.47 million 

Simple, smart campaign

This campaign went from a quick hit idea and quickly escalated into a viral campaign that generated an increase in site traffic for a good week. We're still seeing results a few months later. We Tweeted President Trump, but he didn't have anything to say on the matter.

Laura Przybek

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