Are You Smarter than a 7-year-old?

Today, 7-year-old Reuben Ash became the official ‘My World My Body’ expert, also known as Dr. Reuben. He has been challenging Toy Fair attendees with human body trivia questions and demonstrating how much he knows with his life-size human anatomy torso ‘Tall Paul’. After playing with the puzzle since he was just a toddler, and with big dreams of becoming a real doctor one day, Reuben has put his knowledge to the test, while proving that some attendees might need to go back to biology class.


This year marks the 56th Toy Fair for Gibsons, the UK’s leading family games and puzzle business since 1919. To promote their award-winning ‘My World’ range Dr. Reuben has been carrying out fun time-trials and trivia questions to make even the brainiest bunch think twice.


After performing at the Gibsons stand Dr. Reuben took to the exhibition floor with his medical trolley to find more unsuspecting participants. All trivia questions were taken from the ‘My Body’ puzzles. Example question: “How old are you when you develop knee caps?”


The ‘My World’ range has been developed in conjunction with the UK’s leading child psychologist and play specialist, Amanda Gummer. There are a total of 21 different ‘My World’ games with two new puzzles, ‘Ships Ahoy!’ and ‘Dino-jigasawrus’, being launched at this year’s Toy Fair.


Dr Amanda Gummer comments on the My World range: “My World is a great way for young children to learn about everyday life in a fun and exciting way, and what makes the brand stand apart from the rest is their focus on improving general skills, such as motor control, vocabulary, and logic.”


Chairman of Gibsons, Michael Gibson commented “After being at the Toy Fair for 56 years, we wanted to put the people that we go to work for every day, centre-stage – families and children.  Dr Reuben has done a fantastic job today, and we’ve hopefully fuelled his ambition to become a doctor even more.”



All of the ‘My World’ puzzles and games are made in Britain using 100% recycled board. The ‘My World My Wheels’ puzzle won Gold as the overall winner in the Classic Toys and Games category at the Practical Pre-School Awards this October.




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Note to editors:


About Gibsons


  • Founded in 1919 as H. P. Gibson & Sons Limited.


  • In the late 70s H P Gibson & Sons shortened its name to ‘Gibsons’, and shortly after, in the early 80s, Gibsons introduced their first jigsaw puzzles.


  • Along with the new jigsaws came new themes, replacing dreary subject matters with delectable new imagery, often drawn by specially commissioned artists. 


  • Gibsons originally had only six puzzle pictures in the range which depicted aerial shots of well-known British landmarks, but nowadays, the range has grown to over 250 titles, running from 2 to 2000 pieces, with over 50 new jigsaw puzzle images added every year. 


  • Gibsons have a broad selection of products for all the family including games and puzzles suitable from pre-school to big school and beyond!


  • The business is still owned and run by the Gibson family. 
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