dubble Begins Funding Round on Volpit.

dubble, the innovative photo-sharing app turns to the crowd and its own community for investment, using the new startup investment platform, Volpit.

Tuesday 10th July

This Thursday, dubble, the world’s first photo collaboration app, will launch an equity-based crowdfunding campaign to raise a large seed round of investment on Volpit; a new startup investment platform owned by the youngest ever team to receive full FCA authorisation.

Since launching the beta version in October 2013, dubble has amassed over 120k users and 1.5 million ‘dubbles’ have been made in 187 different countries. Every month, between 30k and 40k people use dubble, despite it only being available on iOS7, with the app soon to be released on Android. These statistics are also backed by overwhelmingly positive reviews from the tech and photography (digital and analogue) communities as well as user-reviews in the App Store.

Understanding the difficulties encountered by startups when attempting to raise investment, Volpit takes a fresh perspective on the financial marketplace. With the ultimate goal of simplicity, the platform integrates a significant feature which surpasses its competitors by far – the innovative and interactive Pitch Builder™. It enables early entrepreneurs who may have never written a business plan before, to create one by simply answering a series of simple questions. The pitch is then presented in a standardised and interactive framework, ready for investors to consider.

Volpit aims to streamline the entire fundraising process and brings all legal agreements online, saving both the investors and startups time and money. With over 1.5k startups and investors on the platform, more than 1k are expected to join in the upcoming months. Volpit is on a mission to raise £4.5m for SMEs in its first year.

Adam Scott, Founder and CEO of Dubble Me Ltd says: “dubble is all about connecting through photos and linking diverse locations, crowdfunding is an incredible way to reach many new people and a great way to send our pitch and video to investors as well.

“Anyone can invest and we love this concept, we have so many passionate users who can decide if they want to be part of our future either as a user, an investor or both!"

Patrick O’Flaherty, Co-founder and CEO of Volpit comments: “At Volpit we have invested extensively in the technology of the platform, with the aim to make the search for investment simple and smart for both investors and entrepreneurs. We are excited to support dubble in their search for the right investors. We are always working hard to attract game-changing startups to the platform."

Dubble is hoping to raise £300k to fine-tune the current iOS version, release an android version in the near future, introduce print and other revenue streams, and develop a stronger web platform. They are also keen to add a community of marketing warriors to their team.

Notes to Editor

Media contact:

If you would like further information, images or to arrange an interview please contact Adam regarding dubble at adam@dubble.me, or Tashia regarding Volpit at Volpit@sensecommunications.co.uk

About dubble

Dubble Me Ltd is a UK based startup co-founded by Adam Scott, Uldis Pirags, Ben Joyce and Angelo Semeraro. On 24 October 2013, the team launched the company’s app-based photo network called dubble. Their ambition is to tap into the fantastic social and creative potential of multiple-exposure digital blending using smartphone cameras, with a completely random person. Dubble’s aim is to become the most exciting collaborative photography community in the world.

Supporting links:

Website: www.dubble.me

Live pitch: https://www.volpit.com/pitches/133

Video pitch:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFu9HbbIN9s

Twitter & Instagram: @dubbleapp        

Facebook: facebook.com/dubbleapp

Blog: http://life.dubble.me/

Gallery of amazing dubbles from the community:http://dubble.me/discover


About Volpit

Volpit was founded by Simon Oberman and Patrick O’Flaherty in December 2012. Volpit aims to make investing in startups simple, by streamlining the entire fundraising process and bring it online. Volpit is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Volpit’s mission is to empower passionate entrepreneurs with the tools they need to bring their ideas to life in order to secure the support of other passionate people around them. The team’s mantra is: ‘anyone can invest in anyone.’  

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