Fairies and Elves join the magical world of BPro™

The Magic Door Store has been inviting fairies and elves into the homes of children for two years with their stylish, miniature doors, and now with a magical sprinkling of fairy dust has appointed BPro™ Agency – Sense to help spread its wings. Creating imaginative PR stunts and creative brand relations is a Sense speciality and they are sure to open doors to more fairies and elves all over the UK.


Capturing the imagination of little boys and girls, The Magic Door Store’s My Fairy Door and MY Elf Door have recreated a world of make-believe for children, their friends and even their parents. Founder Sarah Tollit and her two children are regularly visited by three little fairies who leave the children notes, tiny gifts of encouragement, and of course reward them with a coin for each tooth they collect.


The Sense team was chosen for the team’s innovative thinking, broad retail experience and passion for supporting the growth of British businesses. The Sense team will manage all proactive and reactive public relations and communications activities to support The Magic Door Store’s growth objectives.


Founder of The Magic Doors Store, Sarah Tollit commented on the appointment: “The Magic Door Store has enjoyed a fantastic year of organic growth and as we approach the second year anniversary we are looking forward to a big consumer push with the support of Sense.  


“Our Magic Doors are designed to build the imagination of our children and I have chosen Sense to use that same level of imagination and creativity to build my brand.”


The Magic Door Store was founded when Sarah's children became fascinated with searching for the fairies and elves in the garden. Sarah then created elegant, miniature London doors to appear in the children's bedrooms, for the fairies to visit through at night. Friends and family soon caught on to the idea and requested that Sarah create more for their own children. As the fairy door business started trending in other areas of the country Sarah found that her doors were in huge demand.


The Magic Door Store doors have proven to provide an elegant decorative addition to any room. Now available on gift websites and independent retailers, The Magic Door Store's miniature, London doors are now popular across the UK and internationally.


Lisa Malyon, Managing Director of Sense is delighted to be appointed: “The Magic Door Store fits so perfectly into the ethos of Sense that we think the wave of a magic wand may have had something to do with Sarah landing at our doorstep. We love to support small, growing businesses in the UK and we are really looking forward to getting this is off to a flying start.”




For more information, logos, images or interviews please contact Alana Caldwell at Themagicdoorstore@sensecommuniactions.co.uk or call 0203 551 3954.


Note to editors


About The Magic Door Store


  • The Magic Door Store was created by Sarah Tollit and launched in the UK in November 2013.
  • Sarah gave up her job as an Event Manager to create The Magic Door Store
  • Doors are available for purchase of the website www.themagicdoorstore.comand at selected UK and Dubai retailers
  • The Magic Door Store has a total of 12 doors and 11 fairy and elf accessories 



About Sense Communications


  • Sense Communications was founded in 2011 by Lisa Malyon, a former journalist and publicist.  
  • Lisa began her PR career at Borkowski PR, before moving to the leading corporate and consumer campaigning agency, Blue Rubicon 
  • For more information about Sense Communications visit the website www.sensecommunications.co.uk


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