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As childcare costs increase by 6% since September 2012, UK parents make mayday call to government as they are forced to put cost before safety when finding childcare, the Annual Childcare Report reveals


Leading childcare search site has today launched its Annual Childcare Report, which addresses a wide range of childcare issues that concern parents in the UK. attracts over 200,000 monthly visits and 2,100 daily log-ins.  With more than 10,000 childcare professionals’ profiles being viewed daily, it is a perfect platform from which to reveal the stark childcare landscape that parents are being forced to deal with.


The report reveals the true impact that the Coalition Government is having on UK parents, including the biggest barriers to childcare, struggles with returning to work, availability, and cost.


The Annual Childcare Report’s findings have been supported by a range of experts and figure-heads in the childcare industry, including Anand Shukla, CEO of the Daycare Trust, Siobhan Freeguard, Founder of Netmums and Kalpana Fitzpatrick, Director of leading blog Mummy Money Matters.  It also includes case studies of real parents on the parenting front line.


Tom Harrow, CEO of and dad of one comments on the findings: “I started out of sheer frustration when trying to find accessible, affordable childcare.  Since then, we have supported hundreds of thousands of parents to find a range of childcare solutions that are right for them – without a massive pricetag.


“When I pick up the newspaper in the morning, and I see headlines such as ‘Mums spend at least 14 weeks of their annual salary on childcare’, and ‘child benefit cut could cost some families £50,000’, I wonder what the government is playing at.  They’d only need to spend 10 minutes on our site to see what parents need and want.  They want to work, be successful, and become the best role models for their children.


“The Coalition Government’s short-sighted response to the childcare crisis in the UK could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back – the complete undoing of a harmonious democracy. They must act smart, and soon.”


Below are key findings under each section of the report.


Is the government doing enough?


  • Over half (55%) of all parents in the UK think the government is not doing enough to support them when it comes to childcare
  • This figure rises for parents with 2 to 3 children to 57%
  • Parents who are still making mortgage repayments are suffering most - with 60% saying the government aren’t doing enough to support their childcare requirements


Are parents confused by government policies?


  • The younger the parent, the more confused they are! 32% of UK parents aged 18-24 years are confused by government policies, compared to just 26% of parents aged 35-44


Returning to work


  • 1 in 4 unemployed parents in the UK (25%) would prefer to work, but think they can’t due to childcare costs
  • 2.8 million unemployed parents in the UK with 2-3 children (25%) would prefer to work, but can’t afford the childcare costs
  • 4 in 10 parents aged 18-24 yrs would prefer to work, but can’t afford the childcare costs
  • 1 in 5 unemployed dads in the UK say they would prefer to work, but childcare costs are the biggest barrier
  • The top 5 cities where unemployed parents would prefer to work, but can’t due to childcare costs are:
    • London (40%)
    • Bristol (37%)
    • Leicester (33%)
    • Glasgow (23%)
    • Oxford (20%)


Digital technology & child development


  • 8 in 10 parents in the UK say digital technology enhances their child’s early years’ development
  • Slightly less childcare professionals agreed (78%)


Barriers to childcare


  • Parents ranked their childcare concerns from 1 to 5:
  1. Cost (1.9 out of 5)
  2. Safety (3.0 out of 5)
  3. Location (3.09 our of 5)
  4. Availability (3.28 out of 5)
  5. Conscience (3.73 out of 5)


  • The majority of parents in the UK considered cost as a bigger concern than safety when asked to rank barriers to childcare (Cost ranked at 1.9 our of 5 and safety ranked 3.0 out of 5)
  • Conscience is the last concern on UK parents’ minds, but mums are still feeling guiltier about leaving their children, than dads are!
  • More mums (7.2%) than dads (4.5%) ranked conscience as their number one childcare concern.
  • Safety is more of a concern for parents raising their children in:
    • Leeds
    • Manchester
    • Newcastle
    • Bristol
    • Cambridge


Availability of childcare in the UK


  • Babysitters, Live-out Nannies, and Part-Time Nannies are under the most demand out of all childcare professionals available on


Cost of childcare


  • The cost of hiring a childcare professional has increased by 6% on average across the UK in the last 3 months, since September 2012.


Additional raw data from the report is available upon request.




For more information, images or to arrange an interview, please contact Lisa Malyon or Natalie Day at Sense Communications & PR at or or call 0208 6438757.



Note to editors


Report research methodology


  • Included data is from a national omnibus survey of 1001 parents with at least one child aged 10 or younger.  The survey was carried out between the 14-19th November 2012.
  • In addition to the omnibus survey, also performed its own independent online survey of 27 parents and 355 childcare professionals between 3-5th December 2012.




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