Knock Knock. Who’s There? Fairy. Fairy Who? Fairy Nice to Meet you

The Magic Door Store has been providing the fairies and elves with their very own magical entrance inviting them into the homes of children since November 2013. The Magic Door Store’s My Fairy Door and My Elf Door have recreated a world of make-believe for children with these stylish, miniature London doors. The Magic Doors are beautifully packaged and are an elegant addition to any room.


The Magic Door Store was founded by Sarah Tollit when her children became fascinated with searching for the fairies and elves in the garden. Sarah created tiny, elegant doors which appeared just above the skirting board in the children's bedrooms, allowing the fairies and elves to visit.


Sarah commented on starting her business: “Children have amazing imaginations and The Magic Door Store has been developed to capture this, with creativity and magical innocence at the heart of each product."


“Our Magic Doors provide a great way for parents to interact with their children, to inspire creative play and imagination, allowing them to enjoy their world of make-believe. We are regularly visited by three little fairies that leave our children magical gifts, tiny notes of encouragement, and of course reward them with a shiny coin for each tooth they collect.”


The doors are made from ceramics and are easily mounted on any wall with the sticky putty supplied. The doors are available in a range of bright colours, suitable for any room.


My Fairy and My Elf Doors


My Fairy and My Elf doors are both available in pink, purple, red, blue, yellow and green. The fairy and elf doors are packaged with a small bottle of magic dust and a welcome note for the fairies and elves.


Doors can only be opened by the fairies and elves with their magical powers, so handle with care. RRP - £20


Paint your Own Easter Eggs

Just in time for Easter, surprise the children with a little gift from the fairies and elves this Easter that can be left right outside your fairy or elf door. The set comes with four ‘paint your own eggs’ with a ribbon loop ready to hang, a brush and paints. The eggs measure 6 cm high and are suitable for children 3+. RRP - £6 per set


Post Box

This iconic mini British post box allows children to communicate with their fairies and elves. Send letters, requests and even teeth through the fairy mail. The post box is Xcm high and suitable for children 3+. RRP- £6


Fairy Footprints Stencil

Use the stencil with the magic dust provided to create little fairy footprints to prove that the fairies have been to visit. Imagine the excitement of seeing little fairy footprints in the morning! RRP - £4





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Note to editors


About The Magic Door Store


  • The Magic Door Store was created by Sarah Tollit and launched in the UK in November 2013.
  • Doors are available for purchase of the website www.themagicdoorstore.comand at selected UK and Dubai retailers
  • Magic Doors are available in red, blue, pink, purple, green and yellow
  • The Magic Door Store has a total of 12 doors and 11 fairy and elf accessories  
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