Old Street pop-up gives away free craft beer for standout beards

To celebrate London Beer Week 2015, Sourced Market - London’s champion of high quality, locally-sourced produce – has launched its ‘Beer for Beards’ campaign and will be offering free beers for bearded fellows at its pop-up in Old Street, as an industry first.

Members of the public who come down to the pop-up rocking a standout beard will receive a free London craft beer for their efforts. Whether it’s a glorious goatee, fluffy full beard or stylish stubble, the free beer incentive is Sourced Market’s way of showing appreciation to the men (and women if they’re into it) of London for taking the time to groom their way to glamour.

All individuals who receive a beer for their beard will have their photograph taken and pinned up onto the ‘Polaroid beard board’, located next to the classic beer growler station in the pop-up.

Sourced Market has teamed up with Captain Fawcett, Purveyor of simply First Class Gentlemen’s Grooming Requisites and has summoned his expertise to help select one of the top Beards in London from the Polaroid beard board. The top ‘Beardie’ will be chosen on Thursday 12th March, with the result being announced at the pop-up and through social media.

To show appreciation for their marvellous efforts, the runners up will receive a Sourced Market goodie bag. The overall winner will receive a two litre beer growler filled with a London craft beer of their choice, as well as a Captain Fawcett gift set containing a ‘Ricki Hall’ Booze & Baccy Beard Oil and Moustache Wax. Huzzah!

Richie Finney, a dear friend and confidante of the Captain and no stranger to the beard, said: “As a male grooming expert I hear about all things related to facial hair trends and this is one of the most refreshing ideas I’ve come across to date… as such I for one will drink to that. All hail the hirsute!”

Ben O’Brien, Founder of Sourced Market comments on the tongue in cheek campaign: "It took me over a year to grow even a halfway respectable beard so I fully appreciate the time, effort and commitment that goes into serious facial hair. Men aren't used to having to work this hard on grooming! Plus some beards just put a smile on your face - in a good way - so who wouldn't want to take a photo?!"


For more information, please email Harry at sourcedmarket@sensecommunications.co.uk or call 0203 551 3954.


Notes to Editor

About Sourced Market


  • London based Sourced Market brings the market experience to the masses – with a permanent market offering the best from Britain’s artisan producers.


  • Situated in the heart of St Pancras Station, Sourced Market also provides pop-ups throughout the year, at festivals and other venues across Britain.


  • Sourced Market was created to provide a permanent market space to encourage local food production, better reflect the seasonal nature of food, reduce food miles and packaging and help increase the diversity of food on offer.


  • Sourced Market caters to a new wave of consumers – those that have a focus on ethics and are drawn to independent suppliers and locally produced products.


  • Sourced Market was founded by two British food lovers who started their careers in the festival scene, delivering well sourced and tasty street food at events.


  • Sourced Market’s first event was the Innocent Village Fete in Regent’s Park in August 2007. Since then they have provided food at the Lovebox Weekender, Field Day, Secret Garden Party, Polo In The Park, Big Chill, Secret Cinema, the Olympic Sailing, British Summertime Hyde Park and many more.
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