London crowned the ‘Global Hub for Equity Crowdfunding’, Volpit Speeds Things up

Volpit, the startup investment platform that makes investing in startups simple, is thrilled to launch its new PitchBuilder™, a tool that completely transforms the way startups pitch to investors, by turbo-charging the process.

The fully-FCA authorised platform launched its new PitchBuilder™ this week, which enables startups to invite their team and answer straightforward questions on topics such as: Overview, Marketing, Operations, Financials and Roadmap. The answers are transformed into a simple, standardised and interactive online pitch for investors to consider.

The simplicity and standardisation makes it easy for would-be investors to understand and compare a range of startups at one time. This helps investors make informed decisions whilst saving them from the arduous task of having to read a 40-page business plan. The interactive elements allow investors who wish to ‘dig deeper’ into the business model to do so, and investors are even encouraged to start conversations.

Volpit will also be the first startup investment platform to remove the time restrictions (a countdown until the end – known in the industry as days left), from its pitches. All current equity crowdfunding models are time-based, a feature inherited from reward-based models, that doesn’t resonate well in the current equity crowdfunding market.

This autumn, the Volpit PitchBuilder™ will also integrate the SEIS and EIS application process, which will represent a huge step forward in bringing the application process online. Startups will essentially be able to apply for advanced assurance whilst simultaneously creating an online pitch. The application will then be automatically sent across to HMRC for approval.

Patrick O’Flaherty, CEO of Volpit, comments on the new PitchBuilder™: “Most startups find writing a business plan time consuming and a rather boring task, but they get on with it as they understand the value it has when it comes to raising capital from investors. We wanted to make life a little easier for startups and make creating a pitch timely and rewarding. We hope the PitchBuilder™ achieves this.”

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Watch the PitchBuilder™ video demo here.
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Notes to editor

Volpit is a recently launched, FCA authorised, online startup investment platform designed to make investing in startups simple.

Volpit has developed a proprietary technology platform that simplifies (standardises, automates and transforms) the way people can invest in startups. It provides a simple, straightforward and transparent process for startups to raise seed capital and for investors to invest in startups that they discover on the Volpit platform.

Patrick O’Flaherty (24) and Simon Oberman (23) started Volpit in 2012 because they believed that investing in startups was too complex and that with the right technology, it could be much easier. This could then reduce barriers to investing and bring untapped capital and experience to startups.

In Q1 2013 they invested their own money to develop a prototype of the platform. They then further developed the technology, the legal and the regulatory framework that surrounds it. In Q3 2013 they raised £200,000 in seed capital to further develop the platform and apply for FCA authorisation.

In Q1 2014 they launched the beta, and had over 750 startups and investors join the platform.

In Q2 2014 they were the youngest to gain authorisation by the Financial Conduct Authority. FCA authorisation is awarded organisations that pass rigorous scrutiny of systems and controls, resources and suitability. It also means that Volpit investors will have access to independent experts from the Financial Ombudsman Service and claim compensation from the FSCS.

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