London's Biggest Fashion Faux Pas - Being Late

2016: Despite popular belief it’s not okay to be late anymore, according to Londoners

Arriving fashionably late is no longer en vogue, according to a survey undertaken by licensed minicab comparison and booking app, Kabbee. More than half (55 percent) of Londoners say being as little as five minutes late is unacceptable, especially considering the world-class transport networks on offer.

Following the festive season with an abundance of Christmas parties and New Year’s fun, Kabbee conducted a survey of 1,000+ Londoners to identify the time-keeping habits of those living and working in the capital. Despite the old ‘everyone’s late in London’ belief, respondents now say it is no longer acceptable to show up late to any occasion – work or pleasure.

Despite it not being okay to be late, 83 percent of Londoners admit to being late – why? See the main five excuses below.

Since it launched in 2011, Kabbee has enabled 600K+ passengers to book their cab up to three months in advance via the app or the website, to ensure that they are well prepared and on time.

Public transport delays


Unexpected occurrences / emergencies


Poor timekeeping


Picking up breakfast / coffee on the way to work




Justin Peters, Kabbee’s CEO & Founder comments on the lateness trends: The capital has always been a busy, fast-paced environment, but Londoners now have access to fantastic transport services to make their journey less stressful.

“Kabbee aims to provide a quick, affordable cab ride for passengers, helping them to get from A to B. With this new on-time trend, our ‘book in advance’ feature has never been handier!”


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-Notes to Editor- 


  • Kabbee surveyed 1,569 Londoners in September 2015.

About Kabbee:

  • Kabbee lets users instantly compare quotes from more than 50 leading London fleets – based on price, time, location and type of car – and then book and pay by cash, card or pre-paid account. This saves passengers time and money and increases fleet efficiency.
  • Kabbee was launched in June 2011 and has had more than 600,000 app downloads to date. 
  • Kabbee won the UK Mobile App & Design Awards for ‘Best Startup App’ in June 2014.
  • Kabbee was recently named as a ‘Future 50 Brand’ by Real Business, for being one of Britain’s most exciting and disruptive new businesses.
  • Kabbee won Bronze for ‘Best Travel & Tourism App’, as voted for by The Appys Awards 2014.
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