Piecing it all together, against the clock

Jigsaw puzzles are Mums’ First Choice for Family Play Time


Despite mums being busier today than ever before, they still have time to sort the corners from the straight edges with their kids, according to a survey conducted by Gibsons, Britain’s oldest family-owned games company.


The survey asked three generations of mums if they once did jigsaw puzzles as children, and if they now do them with their children.  Interestingly, more mums are completing puzzles with their children today, compared to 30-40 years ago, based on the survey results, with 60 percent of UK grandparents saying their parents did puzzles with them, compared to 76 percent of parents with children at home today.


Dr. Amanda Gummer, the UK’s leading expert on play and play development, commented on the survey findings: “Doing jigsaw puzzles is a great past-times that ends positively for everyone involved, providing an excellent opportunity for family time.”


“I’m not surprised by the revival of traditional past-time – people are becoming more aware of the healthy play diet. The benefits of using jigsaw puzzles are obvious, especially as they are intergenerational, and promote communication between the people completing them.”


Kate Armitage, Marketing Director and Daughter of Mr Gibson himself, comments on the findings: “It goes without saying that I’ve always loved playing board games – it comes with the territory of our family business.  That said, though, I do use digital technology in conjunction with traditional toys and games as I believe both have a role to play, but nothing beats a good puzzle.  I can absolutely confirm the trend as we sell puzzles for all ages – from 1 to 101 – or even older!” 


Provide your mum with some ‘pieces’ and quiet this Mother’s Day with a Gibsons jigsaw puzzle 

Memory Lane – RRP £12.99


Give mum a trip down memory lane with a puzzle that will take her right back to the heart of our homes. She might recognize the popular curtain patterns, the wallpaper or even the style of clothes that they wore.


These 1000 piece puzzles are new to the 2015 range and will be sure to provide the more mature mum’s with a great sense of nostalgia. As with all Gibsons puzzles the beautifully illustrated pieces are made from the highest quality 100% recycled board and are a pleasure to work with over and over.

My World Range

To pass the puzzling bug onto the very wee ones in your life (start ‘em young we say!) why not try our My World range?  There are 12 fun, educational puzzles and games in the range that have all been developed in conjunction with child psychologist, Amanda Gummer, so they are perfectly tailored to teach children essential skills for life. The My World range is also made in Britain using 100% recycled board.

From teensy 2 piece puzzles like My Farm Animals (RRP £6.99) to whopping 60 piece giant floor puzzles like My Space Adventure (RRP £9.99), there’s lots to learn and discover! For kids from 18 mths+

British drama series

Gibsons is proud to fly the British flag and the award winning television drama jigsaw puzzles are always a favourite with mums of all ages. Gibsons television show range includes the award winning Downton Abbey 1000 piece (RRP £12.99) and Call the Midwife 1000 piece (RRP £12.99).

For those who prefer smaller puzzles these puzzles are also available in 500 piece versions for RRP £9.99

Exotic Friends – RRP £14.99

Combining the lush green landscape the bold colours of the tropical birds will be sure to brighten mum’s day. This beautiful scene can be enjoyed as a 1000 piece or 500 piece puzzle.

This is just one of the colourful range from artist John Francis. For more and a full range of puzzles and games visit the website www.gibsonsgames.co.uk.  

Gibsons are available from a range of good toy and gift shops around the UK.  Use the store finder online: http://gibsonsgames.co.uk/where-to-buy/.

Make this Mother’s Day memorable with a Gibsons puzzle!




For more information, images, or to arrange an interview please contact Alana, manager of the Gibsons press office at Gibsons@sensecommunications.co.uk or call 0203 551 3954.


The results were taken from a national omnibus survey taken by 100 parents and grandparents in the United Kingdom.


About Gibsons


  • Founded in 1919 as H. P. Gibson & Sons Limited.


  • In the late 70s H P Gibson & Sons shortened its name to ‘Gibsons’, and shortly after, in the early 80s, Gibsons introduced their first jigsaw puzzles.


  • Along with the new jigsaws came new themes, replacing dreary subject matters with delectable new imagery, often drawn by specially commissioned artists. 


  • Gibsons originally had only six puzzle pictures in the range which depicted aerial shots of well-known British landmarks, but nowadays, the range has grown to over 250 titles, running from 2 to 2000 pieces, with over 50 new jigsaw puzzle images added every year. 


  • Gibsons has a broad selection of products for all the family including games and puzzles suitable from pre-school to big school and beyond! http://gibsonsgames.co.uk


  • The business is still owned and run by the Gibson family.


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