Forget Silent Night, It’s Just All a Bit Too Tight…

Over 12 million UK Homes to Host Up to Five Extra Guests over the Christmas Period

Alternative self-storage company, Storemates, has revealed how many additional ‘bodies’ homes across Britain are expecting this Xmas, as part of a space study.

The study of 101 homeowners revealed that 54 percent of homes will be subjected to up to and over five guests this Christmas, with 47 percent of guests staying for three nights or more.

A huge 67 percent of homeowners admitted to inviting guests to stay, despite having ‘no room at the inn’. 

Shaff Prabatani, Co-Founder and Director of comments on the findings: “We thought about doing this study after my other half told me how many family members she had invited to stay during the Christmas holiday, and it seems like we’re not the only ones to be ‘over capacity’.

“77 percent of the people we asked said they’d feel more comfortable if they had more space – and now they can!  We estimate that around 2 million homes in the UK have space that they could rent out, so all they’d need to do is list it on our site, and they’d be covering the cost of Xmas in no time.”

Homeowners in the UK could make £1,320 a year by storing their neighbour’s items in their spare room, attic or garage space.

* The figure £1,320 is based on a bedroom that is 20-24 square feet that would be able to charge £30 per week.


Notes to Editor

About Storemates

  • To find out more about Storemates and the service, visit:
  • Storemates is the UK’s largest online search site that enables its users to find cost-effective storage options, or, if they have spare space in their homes, they can make money by listing it for others to use.
  • Storemates is currently used by 4,000 people throughout the UK, many of which are paying 50 percent less than they would if they were using conventional storage solutions.
  • The Storemates team provides tips and advice on how storage owners can optimise their profiles and be found easily. The entire experience is simple and easy for both parties – within as little as 24 hours from the first contact, a storage owner could have filled their space and be making money.
  • For Storemates, safety is paramount, and therefore it provides a standard set of terms and conditions, along with a compulsory legal contract between the storage owner and seeker to agree a value and safeguard both parties.
  • Simplicity is the key to everything that Storemates does, and the service it offers. As all of its contents are user-generated – the business model is extremely low cost, which enables the Storemates team to stay small, with very little overheads to pass on to the end user.
  • Since its launch in 2011, Storemates now has 4,000 registered users and attracts 5,000 people who browse the site each month.
  • Storemates was launched in 2011 by Co-Founders Shaff Prabatani and Ben Rogers, and are based in Hammersmith, London.
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