At Sense we pride ourselves as being ‘brand protagonists’, getting behind brands we really believe in and championing them into the spotlight. BPro™ is based on the traditional principle of public relations that has been redesigned and adapted for the world we live in today.

We have created a menu of packages for our clients. Each item on the menu has been designed with the clients’ needs in mind and have been divided into three price plans in the ‘BPro™ menu’. Depending on level of appetite, there is something here for everyone.

"If I was down to my last dollar, I'd spend it on public relations." - Bill Gates

Service Level Agreement

The following price plans have been created on a 12 month minimum contract with a three month notice period.

BPro™ Menu

Brand Banquet                                                                £3,500 + VAT per month

For clients who are looking for the full package ‘The Brand Banquet’ provides all the benefits of a BPro™ consultancy and functioning press office. The account will be taken care of by a team of BPro™ experts that will get behind the brand and push it forward into the public eye in a positive light.

Overseen by BPro™ founder and expert Lisa Malyon, the account will be assigned one of Sense’s fantastic account managers and a team of brand protagonists. The package will include:

  • Press office – 10 hours per week
    • Awards
    • Events
    • Speaking Opportunities
    • Press materials
    • Profiling
    • Daily media monitoring
    • Sense contact details on website
  • 1 x national news generating consumer/trade proactive campaign – up to 10 hours of Sense time*

*Excluding external costs e.g. national omnibus surveys


Brand Brunch                                                                  £1,500 + VAT per month

For some clients less is more, ‘Brand Brunch’ offers the satisfaction to fill the BPro™ hunger, while leaving room for dessert. This option provides clients with the support of a BPro™ team to support their current marketing/PR operations. The plan includes:

  • A strategy consultation with Lisa Malyon - BPro™ founder and expert
  • Press office – 2 hours per week
    • Daily media monitoring
    • Press materials
    • Sense contact details on the website
    • 1 x news generating consumer/trade proactive campaign per quarter
    • Managed by one of Sense’s Account Managers and one Account Executive

Sense specials - BPro™ Training

We are a team of experts in our field and we love to share our knowledge through running tailored training programs, designed to help companies develop their PR and communications skills. We create bespoke training programs to cater to every company’s needs.

Training sessions are priced at £100 per hour + VAT; the amount of time required for each session is outlined below.

The training sessions are designed and run by Lisa Malyon and Alana Caldwell and can include all or any of the sessions below:

  • BPro™ DIY Session – how to create and run your own BPro™ campaign successfully - 8 hours
  • Media training – how to own a telephone or live interview - 2 hours
  • Business narrative session – creating a business narrative including; context, strategy, evidence and vision to be reviewed every six months - 2 hours
  • Spotting new business opportunities – how to grow your business and collaborate with other business to get one step ahead of competitors - 3 hours
  • Pitching – to clients, to investors, to other businesses Sense will provide advice and help prepare for the pitch - 2 hours

Side dishes 



Writing a press release


Writing award entries

£150 (per award)


£20 per 150 words

Media lists (max 100 contacts)


List of calendar hooks


Plan a feature package


Write case study

£100 per case study

Media briefing document


Compile monthly coverage book

£100 for first 20 pages (£2.50 per page after)

Biography writing


Event planning and execution

£500 (up to six hours)

Daily media monitoring

£150 per month

Media invite


Q+A Document for media


Stakeholder list (up to 30 contacts)


Forward Feature List


Crisis management

£100 per hour

*The above rates are subject to change depending on the level of work required. Discounted rates are available when purchasing more than one service.

BPro Ingredients

Press release - a written announcement or statement issued to media regarding a specific area of interest. Press releases are the formal way to approach journalists with a news story or BPro™ campaign and are structured to capture the journalists’ interest.

Awards – an extremely cost effective and powerful way to get your brand recognised. The Sense team should have an award for the amount of awards we have entered our clients into, because we love boasting about our brands!

Copywriting – Writer’s block can hold you back from time to time, so if you are struggling to beat the block, we’re here to create the copy. With a former journalist running the company writing is our expertise; from press releases to website text, brochures to commentary, we can take care of all your wordy woes.

Media list – A tailored list of; national, regional, consumer, trade and broadcast journalists for you to contact when you need to.

Calendar hooks – We are all familiar with the top marketing calendar hooks such as Valentine’s Day and Halloween, but are you aware of UK coffee week or Don’t Step on a Bee Day? We have a full list of calendar hooks for every day of the year and we will create a customised list of hooks relevant to your brand that can be useful for news stories, blog/social content, events and general awareness.

Feature package – Similar to a press release that is offered exclusively to one publication in exchange for a more in-depth article with more space than a normal news story. May include; exclusive statistics, interviews, case studies or images.

Case Studies – Case studies bring news stories to life and will help to create trust in your brand. Essentially, a case study profile is created of a person, place or organisation that has benefited from your brand and can be contacted by the media for an interview or a quote relating to a news story.

Media briefing document – An interview with a media journalist can be daunting to even the most practised professional. To make sure you are not walking in the dark we prepare a detailed media briefing document with; information on the journalist, the publication, the interview objectives, questions that may be asked, prepared answers for issues that may arise, key messages to get across and a few helpful tips on how to make the most of your interview.

Coverage Book – A professional presentation of all media coverage along with the date and details of the publication, split into media categories i.e. national print, national online, regional print etc. Your coverage book can be printed or shared digitally.

Biography writing – To be recognised as a key influencer in your industry Sense will create a business profile of you and your experiences in the sector, to provide journalists with an overview of your business biography.

Daily media monitoring – Every day there are hundreds of news stories that may affect your business objectives. At Sense we monitor the media and keep a close eye out for stories that provide opportunities for our clients to comment on, collaborate with or even lobby against. Every morning Sense will pull out the headlines that relate to your business and send them over in an email. If there is an opportunity to react to any we will provide suggestions and provide support for the execution of a quick turnaround. 

Media Invite – We will create an official media invite for your photo call or event and send out to our extensive list of journalist contacts.

Q+A for media – We put on our ‘journalist thinking caps’ and pull together a list of questions that journalists want to know and then we work together with you to create media ready answers. The Q+A will be a fully prepared document that you can refer to for any ‘sense-itive’ questions.

Stakeholder list – We will provide you with up to 30 contacts that affect/influence your business. They will be split up into government representatives, industry leaders and competitors.

Forward feature list – A list of upcoming features for a specific publication that will allow insight into features that your business can get involved with.

Crisis management – When you get into a pickle and need some support/ advice, we are here to help. If there is a fire call 999, if there is a crisis call Sense. We will arrive quickly to the scene and put out the ‘fire’ as quickly and safely as possible. We have experience with big brands crisis communications and will be well prepared for anything you throw at us.

Sense is keen to offer support with any BPro™ and marketing taking place. We have created this menu for you as a guide to BPro™, showing our wide range of promotional tools available.

For more information contact Alana Caldwell on 0203 551 3954 or at

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