At Sense we pride ourselves as being ‘brand protagonists’, getting behind brands we really believe in and championing them right into the spotlight. BPro™ is based on the traditional principle of public relations that has been redesigned and adapted for the world we live in today.

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"If I was down to my last dollar, I'd spend it on public relations." - Bill Gates

Service Level Agreement

The following price plans have been created on a 3-month rolling contract.

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The full package                                                       

For clients who are looking for the full package provides all the benefits of a BPro™ consultancy and functioning press office. The account will be taken care of by a team of BPro™ experts that will get behind the brand and push it forward into the public eye in a positive light.

The package will include:

  • Press office – 10 hours per week
    • Awards
    • Events
    • Speaking Opportunities
    • Press materials
    • Profiling
    • Daily media monitoring
    • Sense contact details on website
  • 1 x national news generating consumer/trade proactive campaign – up to 10 hours of Sense time*

*Excluding external costs e.g. national omnibus surveys

Mid-level support 

This option provides clients with the support of a BPro™ team to support their current marketing/PR operations. The plan includes:

  • A strategy consultation
  • Press office – 2 hours per week
    • Daily media monitoring
    • Press materials
    • Sense contact details on the website
    • 1 x news generating consumer/trade proactive campaign per quarter
    • Managed by one of Sense’s Account Managers and one Account Executive

Sense specials - BPro™ Training

We are a team of experts in our field and we love to share our knowledge through running tailored training programs, designed to help companies develop their PR and communications skills. We create bespoke training programs to cater to every company’s needs.

Our bespoke training sessions are priced per hour; the amount of time required for each session is outlined below.

The training sessions are designed and run by Lisa Malyon and Tashia Cameron and can include all or any of the sessions below:

  • BPro™ DIY Session – how to create and run your own BPro™ campaign successfully - 8 hours
  • Media training – how to own a telephone or live interview - 2 hours
  • Business narrative session – creating a business narrative including; context, strategy, evidence and vision to be reviewed every six months - 2 hours
  • Spotting new business opportunities – how to grow your business and collaborate with other business to get one step ahead of competitors - 3 hours
  • Pitching – to clients, to investors, to other businesses Sense will provide advice and help prepare for the pitch - 2 hours
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