Alana Caldwell

Account Manager

Every team needs an Alana.  Alana joined Sense in October 2012 as Senior Account Executive.  After leaving a life on the beach as a lifeguard in Bermuda, Alana graduated with an arts degree, and decided to head home to Sunny Surrey and start her career with a different type of splash - at Sense.

Alana is a vital component of the team.  Her island upbringing keep her as cool as a cucumber when the going gets hot (or if no-one can find the window stick), which is a great trait to have in a high pressured environment.

Alana has led a range of campaigns and account activity, including managing the a2 Milk press office, Budgens Vocal About Local press office and a range of campaigns.

Alana is a real team player, with a competitive edge, and every client feels safe in her hands.

Loves: Music festivals, drawing and painting and keeping in shape

Loathes: Losing at anything, poor communicators


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