Lisa Malyon Sense Communications

Lisa Malyon

Managing Director

Lisa started her career over a decade ago as a journalist, which quickly confirmed her passion for media, and how it can make, or break, a brand.

After a few years working as a brand publicist, Lisa grew an interest in the power of lobbying and campaigning for brands, rather than just making them famous for the sake of it.  It was during this time that Lisa started to think much broader than 'public relations', in its traditional sense.  

Lisa has worked with over 150 global brands, and since starting Sense in December 2011, she has led campaigns that have dominated the national, and global news agenda.

If Lisa believes in a brand, through BPro, it will strengthen and grow.

Loves: Dog walks in the park, speaking in accents & dreams

Loathes: Journalists who disregard the power of PR-generated content, lychees & cress

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