Olivia Nelson Brown

Trainee Account Executive

Our newest member of the Sense team joined in October 2014. Olivia’s favourite subject at school was media studies which really influenced her decision to jump straight into the world of PR and marketing. Through the National Apprenticeship Scheme Olivia found Sense and became really excited by the opportunity to work for a small and growing business. Already, she has been introduced to many different elements of BPro through Sense’s variety of clients and the assortment of work keeps her hungry to learn more.

Previous to starting at Sense Olivia embarked on an expedition trip to Zambia where she helped to build a classroom at a local school. During her two weeks there she completed an an educational painting of the water cycle on a wall, and also taught the children in the village school. The experience really opened Olivia’s eyes to the world around her and the things that she really values.

“Zambia taught me that family is really important to me and now I feel like a part of a different family here at Sense.” 

Loves: Music, festivals, her nephew, shoes and lazy days on the sofa.

Loathes: Seafood, clowns and disorganised people.

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