Why Sense?

We are Brand Protagonists™, we become advocates for, and champion every part of, your brand.

What is BPro™?

BPro™ is the service we offer as Brand Protagonists™.

Every brand will undergo the BPro Assessment, which will enable us to establish if we can, and should, become advocates. This takes into consideration:

  • Access all areas
  • Strong business ethics
  • Capacity to make a difference
  • Investing in innovation for growth
  • Level of support to embrace BPro™ to its fullest

BPro™ Services

BPro™ services are based on the traditional principles of public relations, but have been redesigned and adapted to respond to the world we live in today. Our services range from creative product placement, to digital media, to shaping public policy.

As an agency, we select the brands we want to support, based on strict criteria. 

Share, it makes sense